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Dear Friends
We all know that technology and markets are evolving, businesses in competition wants to get into the global supply chain as a partner of value addition. The importance of supply chain integration is nowadays a key focus area in international trade. A market of 7.5 billion people reaching 10 billion by 2050, will need efficiency and reliability, whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, trader, or a related service provider in logistics, free zones, warehousing, travel support etc., who are constantly looking at expanding the customer base.

The supply chains have seen rapid changes as international markets and consumer behaviour is changing faster than any time in the past, given the modern tools available in the marketplace with fourth industrial revolution. While today it’s moving towards integrated global trade, the post Covid era will see concepts such as near-shoring, intermediary storage, and distribution (hubs) and trade shifts together with a consumer that is strongly moving towards e-commerce.

Traditional business chambers probably will have less influence in networking on the core areas of business in the supply chain. Market information should be a click away, the need for virtual information at the right time from the right person with detailed description will help the future marketeers of products and services, to expand new businesses across countries and continents.

Reliable links through a virtual supply chain chamber dedicated for partners is the driver behind SA-Connect. The members of SA-Connect will be scrutinized through referrals and market information gathered through the SA-Connect hub. The virtual hub will play a pivotal role in facilitating international trade. Thinking different and adapting technology with pragmatic connectivity will not only help companies to trade more but will help increase market access and probably reduce transaction costs and achieve scalable business models. Therefore, I invite you to partner with SA-Connect, the global supply chain network that is being created by “Shippers’ Academy International”, which will yield many positive outcomes to the companies that will join at the outset. We are offering an introductory price for the first 25 companies that join SA Connect country page, as the full network of services will be launched in 2022.

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