Rules for SA-Connect

Rules for SA-Connect

  • SA-Connect connects businesses from across the globe.

  • We promote network development in the international trade, supply chain, logistics and related industries through companies in different countries across the world.

  • SA-Connect welcomes both newly established as well as long-established businesses through a referral system to join the virtual chamber.

  • SA-Connect will not be responsible for any losses caused and/or suffered by its Members as a result of their own acts in relation to each other, save for reviewing and considering claims by Members against the non-payment of costs by other Members,

  • SA-Connect is not a provider of insurance services and consequently, it will not be responsible for any losses suffered by its Members as a result of any acts done by third parties, nor will it be responsible for any losses caused to third parties as a result of any acts done by its Members.

Membership registration: USD 50
Annual membership: USD 50 (for the first 25 members in a country page and then USD 100)
Any other incidentals for services rendered by SA-Connect will be on a case by case basis
All bank charges have to be borne by the registering party

How to become a member
• Log on to SA International
• Go to SA-Connect
• Click on “become a member”
• Fill out the application/registration form and submit
• The payment can be made to the invoice and bank details sent by SA Connect

How to access SA-Connect directory
Click on the Directory
• The country page will list companies registered in that country with the company logo and weblink
• If a client wants to link up with a company on a specific issue, they can select & send a direct mail.
• If you have a general question you can go to the form on the page and send it where all companies listed in the page will get the message including SA connect mail
• Each member company will also be linked to the SA connect WhatsApp group for general news and information